Success and the Role of Guiding Principles

The super-successful usually attribute their accomplishments to two things: a set of guiding principles…and little bit of luck. From corporate CEO’s to the Kings and Queens of entertainment, most say they followed guiding principles that led to super-success. Fairness, honesty, justice, work ethic, facing fear, helping others; the super successful have any number or combination of principles that are followed with extreme dedication and are rarely compromised.

Over many thousands of years, we humans have adopted a common set of guiding principles that allow us (for the most part) to peacefully coexist, to live, work and play in relative harmony. Referred to as the social contract, it is the implied minimum that each of us owes the other, in exchange for the privilege of sharing in the common society built by those before us; the streets, sanitation, heating, lighting, protection, etc. The guiding principles of humans exist in all religions. And it is because they exist in all religions that none own them. These are the human rules, the rules to follow while competing in the game of life.

One, humans are number one. Not trees, owls, whales, or corporate profits. Humans. All humans. The safety and concern for every Human.

Two, give respect. Respect all others time, place, property, dignity and safety.  And respect your better self, your health, your freedom, your goals and dreams.

Three, be fair and honest. Compete straight up, within the rules. Don’t cheat. Accomplish and acquire by fair and honest means.

Four, know humility. You are one individual among billions so get a sense of humor. Learn patience and compromise.

Five, accept responsibility. Earn your way; meet your obligations; make right your mistakes. Be responsible for the completion of your education, socialization and adult self-reliance.

Six, let go and move on. When wronged seek justice (through legal means) but know that you must eventually let go and move on. Life is short. Do not allow the past to prejudice your future and don’t teach hate. CHECK THE FUNNY HATS AND CENTURIES-OLD GRUDGES AT THE DOOR. Work together on a better future.

Seven, lend a hand.  The game of life goes easier for some than others. Share in responsibility for humanity. Be aware of those around you in need and when you can, lend a hand.

We humans know these to be the guiding principles that best serve society and the greater good, but unlike the unwavering principles of the super-successful; our societal principles are quite often compromised. Police, courts and prisons are evidence that not every human is concerned with fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility.  Some of us have to learn the hard way. We can all be reminded of our responsibility to others and the expectations of the social contract. Play by the human rules…and pass it on.

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    Quality article, I am browsing back on a regular to look for posts.

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    Extremely illuminating thanks, It looks like your current followers will likely want even more writing of this nature continue the good work.

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