Call For New Programs

Developing new programs will always be an important part of the Teach Values Now charter. As we expand our offering of values education for the 21st century, we want to extend to the community, a call for new programs, with those submitted and selected featured on our website and at our upcoming school events! Submitted programs can be in any stage of development, from outlined idea to fully developed and produced.  All submitted will be qualified by the ability to captivate an audience while teaching one or more common human social values in an innovative, student-embraced fashion.

Content must be age appropriate: no politics, religion-free.

The values taught are up to you: Responsibility for self, fairness, honesty, cooperation, tolerance, etc.

Social topics are also wide open: Tagging and graffiti, bullying, substance abuse, cyber crime, racism, hate, teen pregnancy, divorce, corruption, poverty, war, etc.

Age range or gender specific is also up to you: Pre-school, grammar school, pre-teen, teen, boys, girls, etc.

Social interaction, also wide open: Peer to peer, parent/child, teacher/student, at home school, work, the community or globally.

Methodology, again wide open:  Video, stage performance, multi-media, smart-phone app, on-line interactive, music, dance, satire, humor, written word, audience participation, etc. For auditorium assembly, classroom or the individual student.

We look forward to learning about your project. For further inquiry contact

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When donating to Teach Values Now, you can be assured your tax deductible contribution will benefit both students and educators with innovative, effective programs.

Our current feature titled The Human Rules, engages teen audiences in expectations of better behavior with fun campus assemblies, powerful classroom lesson plans and follow-up student instructional guides.

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